Are you happy yet?

I think that we all want to be happy. Don’t you? I just wonder about how we define “happiness”.

I know that not every day is wonderful, but if I decided today that I was unhappy I would begin to desire it; I might even focus so much attention on the need to be happy that I would overlook all the good things are happening right now. This would most likely lead me to making myself miserable in my desire for what I assumed I didn’t have. This would be a terrible mistake – and would waste today’s precious joys because in my mind I decided that they weren’t enough for me.

Sometimes happiness is more like contentment, I think. Sometimes it should be more about being in the moment and really living the day rather than letting it pass by in the endless pursuit of a better one. Some days are amazingly wonderful (the kind that overwhelms us with excitement & bliss), but they are few and far between, (which is why they are so special). But if they became the usual day that happened most often, would they not also lose their particular kind of special and become just another day? What would happen to our perception of happiness then?

Maybe happiness isn’t as elusive as we might think. We woke up today, so we are breathing – this is cause for joy. The sun is always shining, even on cloudy days it has made an appearance somewhere and this pleases me to think about. Knowing that my family loves me makes my heart feel good. Aren’t the simple pleasures that come to us almost daily, (a good tasting meal; a flower blooming; a bird singing; payday; a hug; a kiss from your dog; a smile from a stranger), are these not all a cause for happiness?

So I am encouraging you to please stop trying so hard to find your happiness and realize that you can be happy, right now, because you already have it inside of you – Let your happiness come out and play today!