Yesterday was “Pink Shirt Day”, and so I am inspired to write about something that I strongly feel is a key in fighting, not just bullying, but also ignorance; racism; and other phobias that modern society faces.

I support the Anti-Bullying Campaign wholeheartedly. But let me suggest that this year’s motto of Being Kind is not just a one day thing, but a life-long, everyday way to live.

From my perspective, there seems to be a lot of “it’s all about me” (and if it’s not about me then why should I care) mentality, in recent times.

I strongly feel that if we encourage, teach and live with Respect, (as defined in the dictionary: valuing other people & property; consideration; thoughtfulness; courtesy and politeness), we could have a huge positive impact on all of these problems!

But “bullying” doesn’t just happen to children or youths, and no matter who you are it is unfair…

Have you ever used your position at work as a superior to force someone a lesser position to do something that was not their responsibility or hinted of a reprimand if they failed to comply? Have you ever been disrespectful to a server, store clerk, or bus driver, just because you are having a stressful day? (Were they not quick enough? Did they make a mistake?) Have you ever been rude or needlessly dismissive to a child just because he/she was bothering you?

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I have occasionally treated someone like their feelings just didn’t matter to me. But I have also taken the time, when the situation has allowed, to go back and apologize for my bad behavior at these times. Although I am aware that apologizing does not fully mend the feelings that I have offended, it is at least it is an acknowledgment that at that point in time I was wrong. I also continue to make intentional daily effort to be respectful despite my mood or circumstance, and usually manage to succeed in this area.

Imagine people feeling good about the way people have treated them and in turn treating others fairly & politely. As an added bonus people would begin to feel good about their selves too, which would escalate into more caring about others; more people caring about them; and so it continues to grow!

If we can learn to respect not only ourselves, but other people too, there will be less needless hatred, hurt and shaming.

So to end this blog I want to encourage you to #BeKindAlways