I see that in recent years it has become quite fashionable to wear a cross as a piece of jewelry, or even as a theme (I have noticed many entire outfits with several crosses printed all over). I like to see the cross “in fashion” as I have been wearing one myself for many years and will continue to do so even after the fad is gone. But I often wonder if the people that are wearing them have any reason to do so other than it being the latest trend?

The longer I wear my cross around my neck the more personal meaning and comfort I find in it. So as I have begun to reflect on my own little cross these thoughts have drawn me closer and closer to the comfort it brings me.

My cross is rather large (I usually like to keep my bling rather understated), it’s about an inch and a half long but not heavy or bulky. I was not looking for a cross (or any other jewelry) the day I saw it in a display and immediately fell in love with the delicately carved filigree and the thinness of its design. It is silver because I do not fancy gold, nor could I afford one this lovely if it was made of gold or platinum. I have been endearingly referred to by my family as a “wallet friendly” person, (which sounds so much nicer than cheap), so when I peered at the back to see the ticket it filled my heart with joy to see $12.99 and right then I knew I had to have it! I brought it home and frantically searched through my jewelry box for a chain to put it on, when I found my old silver chain I did not hesitate to remove the bangle hanging from it and add my new cross. I do not ever take it off and have no use for any other necklaces; chains or pearls, no matter what my outfit may be. It hangs about 2 inches below my collar bone and is just as appropriate with a party dress as it is perfect with a t-shirt.

I often find myself holding it and gently rubbing its surface between my fingers and have noticed that although it is very beautiful to look at it has a much rougher and bumpy feel. It was then that I noticed the similarities that this little piece of metal holds to the message of my Saviour, the One my cross represents… He is the most beautiful and loving gift that any Father could ever give to anyone, but at the same time His life and especially His death, although for glorious outcome, was not glamorous nor could His death be described as anything other than a tortured and humbled way to die!

I also mentioned that it was thin and not a weighty piece, and so over years of wear it has become more concave and formed to the chest bone that it rests upon. In a manner of speaking it hugs me just as someone who cares for me and loves me would always be there with a ready hug and/or guidance if I ever needed. It is never a heavy burden to wear, just as the One it represents is never a burden to me or something to be ashamed of!

It happens to be silver and so was the blood money for His life. Although it is made from a precious metal it was not expensive to buy, and since my Saviour is precious to me I am often amazed at the gift He gave to me – it, like all gifts should be, was totally and completely free! Mercy and grace are far more valuable than any expensive object made or owned by any human on this earth! The fact that it cost me little means that it could have belonged to anyone and this is also true of Him – He died for everyone, (and anyone that calls upon His name can be saved)!

I referred to my cross as lovely and I can think of no better way to describe Jesus than perfect love! (Jesus loves everyone even if He doesn’t love everything we do – and as an exclamation point at the end of His love for us – He was not only willing, but literally did give up His life for mine; for yours; for everyone. So that I would not lose my life, He sacrificed His for me!

I have been wearing it ever since that day I brought it home and sometimes wonder what I would do if it ever broke or got lost, but then I remember that I never need to worry about my God giving up on me; He won’t change His mind and has promised never to leave me!

I often find myself gently rubbing my cross between my fingers when I am worried; when I pray; when I am just thankful to God; and when I am reflecting on my Saviour; and the longer I wear it the deeper meanings I find in it and the more I am grateful for all The Cross has done for me!

Happy Easter everyone!


And to those of you with faith: He is risen!

To rest of you: If you are looking… Jesus’ forgiveness is just a prayer away… find a “Christian” church (Baptist; Mennonite; or whatever you are comfortable with,) in your area or online that can help you find peace for your soul; joy for your spirit and hope in life everlasting. Remember that with God on your side you will never be alone!