It’s December 31st again, and I’m sure a lot of us have already planned what we want the New Years to be…”better than last year”, is a common theme. Even if the last year wasn’t too bad we always hope for new and better.

I’m also sure that most of us have spent some time planning our resolutions for the New Year… I want to get healthier; skinnier; find a better job; make more money; save more money; spend more time with family; drink less; quit smoking; go on more vacations, or that one dream vacation;… and the list of possibilities is endless.

I just want to say that every day can be New Years Day! Each and every day of the year/your life is a gift – it is a clean slate every time you wake up – and each day is what you make it to be!

So instead of all these lofty resolutions, that so often we can’t live up to (followed by our own discouragement and self-punishment that eventually lead us to give up on our plans; our hopes; the new year in its entirety) let’s live each day with renewal of energy and dreams.

Leave your mistakes and shortcomings in the past, take only the lessons you learned into your future. Leave regrets behind, as you cannot change what you did or didn’t do yesterday. Never let fear stop you from trying again.

My only goal this year is to “do better today than I did yesterday.” To help this along I plan to wake up every day with this thought:

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, how can I do my best in it?

Good luck to all your News Years plans, but remember to keep your resolutions simple and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t “fix” everything on January 1st.

Happy New Years to You!